Service Manager - School Strategy & Performance


Thank you for your interest in this exciting opportunity to join our senior team in Wakefield. I’m delighted that you have decided to find out more about this important role.

Our new Service Manager for School Strategy & Performance will play a key part in Wakefield’s future success – helping us to develop and continually improve the support we provide to schools across the district.

The successful candidate will provide leadership that delivers our educational vision across the dynamic district of Wakefield.

That vision is simple but ambitious: that every child and young person in Wakefield goes to a good or better school and achieves positive outcomes.

To achieve this, we’re looking for a leader who can forge effective relationships with key partners across Wakefield – whether that’s colleagues in the education and inclusion team, leaders and teams in our schools and academies, or stakeholders working across children’s services.

Having joined Wakefield myself in 2019, I am incredibly excited about this appointment and about our future together.

You can look forward to joining a talented and committed team, dedicated to delivering the very best for all children and young people who live and learn here in Wakefield.

I’m resolute in my commitment to the young people we serve – they deserve the very best. I hope you share that commitment and are excited to join us on the next step of our journey.

Andrew Lancashire
Assistant Director Education & Inclusion