Thank you for your interest in these exciting opportunities to join our team in Wakefield.

I’m delighted that you have decided to find out more about us.

These are key roles – and the successful candidates will all play an important part in Wakefield’s future success, helping us continue to develop and enhance the work of our service in the years ahead. 

Having joined Wakefield myself in 2019, I am personally very excited about what I see when I look around me and about what that potential means for the future. 

What I have found in my first weeks are professionals genuinely committed to achieving the very best for all children and young people who live and learn here in Wakefield.

It’s a great time to join us. 

I look forward to welcoming new colleagues with fresh ideas, ready to contribute to ensuring Wakefield delivers the very best possible outcomes for all.  

I hope you’ll be excited to join the team and I on the next step of the journey. 

Andrew Lancashire

Assistant Director Education & Inclusion